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Anna & Nathan- Hayes Wedding

The morning of Anna & Nathan's wedding was off to a "Lucky" start with rain, both of them were getting ready with their family & friends in Amsterdam. Anna is one of the most stunning brides I've ever seen... you know the kind that doesn't acknowledge just how gorgeous they are! Her Groom, Nathan also deems himself unphotogenic... I disagree after looking through all these images. When it was time to head to the church in Fonda, the rain subsided and left them with amazing weather for the rest of the day.

The wedding was held in a church in Fonda and then we traveled to a local outdoors location for portraits. The bridal party was up for almost anything and made Anna & Nathan's wedding photos easy!

The wedding reception was held at The Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY. The Kings Court was filled with custom details to personalize their special day. The couples first dance was to Oasis by A Great Big World, which caused most of their guests (and their photographer) to tear up. They continued their evening with lots of food, dancing, cake and of course a bouquet toss!

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