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Pine Lake Wedding - The Parkers

Where do I begin with this wedding.... I've known Jolene since Elementary school and just can't believe I just photographed her wedding! Let me tell you her reception had more people from our graduating class than our 10 year reunion did, that's how loved she is!!! They had a very rainy morning and spent most of their "Getting Ready" time in their cabins but the rain cleared out just in time for the ceremony. The decided to use the beach for the ceremony and it did not disappoint, one of the most beautiful Adirondack views your can get in NY! We had to skip the receiving line and rush to get through portraits before the sun completely disappeared but it was worth it! They have some of the most breathtaking wedding portraits I've ever taken. The reception was all about the party and there was no lack of dancing or laughter! Jojo & Ron- Thank you for having Ashleigh Amber Photography capture your day. Take a look at the highlights from their wedding below:

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